Forum Thread: 5 INSANELY CREEPY Deep Sea Creatures

Today we take a look at 5 insanely creepy deep sea creatures. From deep sea sharks that swallow their victims whole to eels that can eat animals several times their size, there are some pretty creepy deep sea creatures out there. After all, over 70% of the Earth is covered in water and humans have only explored less than 5% of it. Imagine what other amazing creatures could be lurking down there.

5 - Dragonfish

Dragonfish are found at depths of nearly 2 KM. They begin their life near the surface, but eventually dragonfish become capable of producing their own light using bioluminescence, allowing them to go deeper. They also have a barbel attached to their lower jaw, used for hunting.

4 - Frilled Sharks

Termed a living fossil, frilled sharks inhabit the depths of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. A frilled shark catches its prey by bending its body and lunging forward like a snake. And then proceeding to swallow its victim whole.

3 - Chimera (Ghost Shark)

Not to be confused with Greek Muthology, the Chimera is a strange looking species of shark. Also known as ghost sharks, they used to reside throughout the world's oceans, but today are mostly confined to deeper water.

2 - Gulper Eel (Pelican Eel)

The Gulper Eel is one of the strangest looking creatures lurking in the deep. Also known as the Pelican Eel, this strange creature is rarely seen by humans, however they are occasionally caught in fishing nets. A Gulper Eel's mouth is loosely hinged, allowing it to eat animals many times bigger that itself.

1 - Megamouth Shark

The Megamouth Shark was discovered in 1976 and is an extremely rare species of deep water shark. There is still no consensus in the scientific community as to how to actually classify it. It's most distinctive feature is its gaping mouth, which it probably uses to swallow plankton and small fish.

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