How To: Develop psychic powers

Develop psychic powers

Roughly half of all Americans believe in extra sensory perception... Are you part of that statistic? Ever get the feeling you have a paranormal ability? You can investigate your psychic abilities and hone your skills with these tips.

You Will Need:
- Parapsychology books and journals
- Mental focus
- A partner
- Dedication
- Like-minded people
- A journal (optional)
- A spiritual teacher (optional)

Step 1: Educate yourself
Find out exactly what psychic ability you have by consulting parapsychology books and journals. Some common abilities are: clairvoyance, or perception outside normal human experience; mediumship, or communicating with the dead; psychokinesis, or the manipulation of matter and energy with the mind; and telepathy, or mind reading.

Step 2: Train
Based on your research in parapsychology and meditation, devise tests that can be performed with a partner to learn to focus and consistently use your power.

Step 3: Control your mind
Learn meditation and self-hypnosis to gain greater control over your mind.

Step 4: Keep a journal
Keep a journal of your psychic experiences. Track trends and patterns to be able to better predict when your ability will manifest.

Step 5: Join a group
If you feel your ability stems from something spiritual, like yogic flying or certain forms of faith healing, join a group of like-minded people and seek the guidance of a spiritual teacher.

Step 6: Document your ability
Document your ability with credible institutions, like universities and medical institutes that have parapsychology programs. Volunteer to display your ability, or participate in psychic tests.

TIP: Stay away from any institution that makes miraculous promises in exchange for large sums of money.

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