Forum Thread: UFO Crash Caught on Tape SKEPTICS WATCH!

Here is a real UFO crash that has been caught on tape in Farnhamville, Iowa. What do you think?
May 23, 2015 4:28PM

A large cloud of smoke is appearing from a local forest in Farnhamville, Iowa and I decide to go and investigate. I drive to the only road opening to the forest and am stopped by police blocking the way. I ask what is going on and then told to leave immediately. I come back to the police later that day with my video evidence and am told that it is simply swamp gas... SWAMP GAS??!! I hope that was a joke.

May 25, 2015

Pictures of UFOs begin to surface, coming from small town in the United States and some even coming from undisclosed locations in Iowa. The one used in this video looked very intriguing to me in that the background appeared to be a park that I have been to in Farnhamville. I even recorded a few strange glowing objects in the sky and decided to upload them to YouTube. They can be found here - .

May 26, 2015 6:16PM

I hear a loud crash outside my house and run to see what had happened. I grab my phone and begin recording as soon as I could. I find a saucer shaped craft buried half way in some dirt along with a few branches and loose brush covering it. A few branches on some of the surrounding trees are snapped. It must of came from the sky. Beside the craft is a strange piece of what appeared to be metal with some very strange markings carved into it. I can only assume that this also came from the craft...

To be continued...

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