How To: Read the Fate Line on Your Palms

Read the Fate Line on Your Palms

Check out this how-to video to improve your palm reading skills. Watch a few tips on how to read the fate line of your or someone else's palms. This video palmistry tutorial will help you divine the future or discover hidden meanings in your hands.

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this is fake!!! who can prove that its not fake??!!! . . . no one . . . lol well I can tell its fake because I dont have any way in my hand I have other ways but the way that he is telling us about I dont have it in my heand

Its not an exact science .. but there is enough to be noticeable !!

palms reading is very good subject to teach everything about our life but it is not a easy sub.

Who says it's not an Exact science!! Don't dismiss any idea without examining it completely!!!

Which hand do you read?

i don't have a "fate" line at all..what does that mean?

he says it means you are unsure.

it means You have powers to write/to create your own fate!!

what if the fate line is broken? I've 3 seperate lines as the fate line. from bottom center up to just before head line, one betwix head and heart, and one after heart line. :)

haha, this is awesome. What about people that are born with deformed hands? They have no fate? It's a fun topic nevertheless

it's not like fate is written on your hand ,it's like you can predict your fate with the help of palm lines!!! Otherwise you may also interested in learning about science which predicts future by examining forehead lines and body parts!!!

Id like to say its pretty accurate but it sounds like one of those things similar to a cold reading. He just states some generic things that could literally be applied to just about anyone. And the fate line looks as though it could be any number of wrinkles on your hand.

MM not cold as there is much research done . The hand is full of valuble stuff ... and hands are usually warm !!

my fate line is very small in my hand

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