How To: Dress a spell love candle

Dress a spell love candle

Krazyboytx shows viewers how to dress and fix a love candle or come to me candle. First, you need to have a love mix, that is either prepared by you or that you have bought. You also need to use a sedative or a hallucinogen - such as salvia. You will also need dove's blood and some love oil. You will also need something to pierce the candle with. You need to inscribe on a piece of paper your name three times on the parchment paper. Now, write love over your name three times. It maybe messy so that is okay. Now, write the persons name and your name over theirs three times. Now, take a pinch of your love herb mix and your sedative and crush and mix them together. Now, pour this mix on your candle and pierce holes into the wax of your candle. Now fold the paper, towards yourself, and place this into the candle. You can place this in one of the holes you have already punched in. Next, pour the love oil in a clockwise manner around the candle. Now you have dressed your love candle!

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