How To: Fake psychic powers & debunk Uri Geller

Fake psychic powers & debunk Uri Geller

James (The Amazing) Randi speaks on spoon/key bending and hidden picture reproduction. These were tricks pulled by Uri Geller to show he had psychic powers. Arthur C Clarke was one of many who spoke out against Geller and sought to distance the paranormal studies from Geller's bogus performances.

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Awesome! I remember seeing that Tonight Show interview a long time ago. Uri looked like a deer in headlights!

fascinating... if only that level of existential control was real

cool vid really liked it

Why is it that these people who claim to be rational people that are out to "help" the people who believe these things never use their time and extraordinary reason to blow apart the lies that we are fed by people who are truly dangerous...such as those in the government.

Yes, please Mr. Rational Reasonman, tell me how Uri Gellar isn't bending spoons but whatever you do, do NOT show me how a building can fall at free fall speed without explosives, or how a paper passport can be found in the rubble of 80 story buildings that just collapsed when no human remains were even found.

People like this fellow make me as sick as those who claim to have magic powers.


there is no spoon

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