How To: Interpret the squares on your palm

Interpret the squares on your palm

Peter John teaches us how to palm read: The squares on the palm in this tutorial, Squares come in all sizes all around the palm of the hand. If they come on the lifeline, this will mean that a person has a certain amount of protection in their life. If they have boxes that are overlapping, this will mean that a person is going to have a change in their life but they are going to be okay throughout it. The square is like the protection that surrounds the events that are going to happen in the person's life. Anytime these are present on the palm, it means that something good is around that person's life!

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I have many, many squares on the Venus mount. Why would so many squares be covering it?

Thank you so much for this informative video! Looking at my palm, I've noticed squares within squares, and squares with X's all over, but there are not any broken lines. Any thoughts in what this could mean?

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