How To: Make self-igniting spell incense

Make self-igniting spell incense

Krazyboytx shows viewers how to make self-igniting spell incense! First you need an incense burner and place your incense in this. You then light this mound and it will ignite itself. One should note that this soap is very thick but it will light. First, to make this incense you need to base which is just sawdust. Next, you can add mugwart in this, or whatever choice you would like to add. Next, you should add in some potassium nitrate or a common name for this is 'peter salt'. For a stronger effect you should add more. Mix this all together. Note that this will make a big flame so you should use a lighting stick or a long lighter. Now, light this mix with a long match or lighting stick. This will create a large flame and sparkles. As this occurs, you can say your prayers, requests, etc. You can put anything to this mix such as one or two drops of oil or one part herb if you want. If you have a cauldron, break your charcoal in half and then light this charcoal and put this into the cauldron. Now, with your mixture you have made, pour in some of your mix and this will create a flame also. Be careful to not hold you hand over too long.

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