How To: Make a spiritual bath

Make a spiritual bath

In this video Krazyboy shares his method of creating a spiritual bath. Krazyboy suggests that while spiritual baths are often known to help cleanse the soul, you can also imbue it with an intent (such as love, luck, success). The idea behind a spiritual bath is cleansing and white. A nice feature of spiritual baths is being able to customize it, including ingredients that feel right to you. To begin, fill a large bowl about half way with holy water/new moon water/spring water. Next, add a couple of cap fills of Florida water. You should begin to notice the water in the bowl getting a little murky. Add a tablespoon of honey. Next, add white flower petals. Krazyboy suggests carnations, but also advises you can use whatever you prefer. Add a sprinkling of gostaria (egg white shell finely ground). Add a few sprays of your preferred perfume/cologne. This adds another essence of your personality. Once you've added all of the ingredients, mix it with your hands. While you do this concentrate/visualize the negativity in your life washing away down the drain. Additionally, let your hands rest in the water as you concentrate on imbuing your spiritual bath with your intention. When you are done mixing the ingredients, leave it over night. Once you are finished taking your regular bath, fill up the bowl the rest of the way with hot water then poor the mixture over your body. It is also recommended to leave the petals on your body to help absorb any remaining negativity. Once you remove the petals, bury them in the earth.

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