How To: Make a Wiccan "God's Eye" or "Evil Eye"

Make a Wiccan "God's Eye" or "Evil Eye"

In this video and boy and a woman are showing you the steps to create a "God's Eye" or "Evil Eye". The materials that you will need are 2 sticks, yarn of your selected colors, and scissors. First, you take 2 sticks and use the yarn to knot around the middle wrapping diagonally to form a "t" shape. Then you take another piece of yarn, hold the end in the middle, and start wrapping around each stick going over one and under the next. Continue this pattern until you are done or unless you decide to change colors. To change colors, simply cut the yarn and tie on another piece cutting off any loose ends and then continuing the process. When you are finished, slide the end of the piece of yarn you are working with through one of the strands on the project, pulling it through and then tying a knot. You can tie a loose knot if you'd like and create a loop for hanging.

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