How To: Make Wiccan spell poppets

Make Wiccan spell poppets

In this video we learn how to make a poppet. A poppet is generally used to give protection, healing to the ones we love. It may be our cat, aunt, home, or whatever we like to do it for. Here in this video we make a poppet for an animal. So the requirements are color shields, scissors, lavender and roots (for protection), citrine. Citrine helps in cleansing. Draw the shape of the animal we require on a cloth of two stacks and cut it using scissors. Use the thread to attach the edges. Leave a small portion to stuff our herbs. Put the lavender herb mix along with the citrine and root to strengthen the power of it. Now while doing our work like cutting, stuffing, etc., remember to visualize what we make the poppet for. That's it you are done with your poppet. Buren it or bury it or do whatever you made the poppet for.

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