How To: Make a witch's lucky mojo bag

Make a witch's lucky mojo bag

Krazyboytx shows viewers hot to make a witch's lucky mojo bag! First, you should light a green candle before you even start the ritual and anoint this with lotus stone oil! You will need a lodestone, a toka bean, a green mojo bag, dropped tears, spring water and seeds of paradise. Take the lodestone and boil it. Drop the lodestone in the spring water. You either bathe with this water or drink the water - without the lodestone. Next, get the toka bean and put it in your hand and make a wish. Put this into the mojo bag along with the lodestone. Take a pinch of steel dust and shake these together in the lodestone. Next you need to add seven dropped tears. Next add in your seeds of paradise. Next, make the mojo bag your own by spitting into this and snuff out the candle you have been burning in the mojo bag. Now, to tie he mojo bag tie only a bow or a simple knot. Every new moon you have to feed to mojo bag a pinch of steel!

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