How to Read affection lines and the heart line in palmistry

Read affection lines and the heart line in palmistry. The affection line sometimes two and some time just one. Looking at the affection line one by another person. Now looking for married not necessary a two affection line and heal the heart line finishes up. Some time settle for the head. Dividing the affection so feel change time to time. On the wide life feel about different people. Now looking for the heart line show early in beginning. We can show under the little finger. After early marriage that can be very rough comes into the little finger. If the chain stop clear that the marriage discounted like a second marriage that would be match better. When u looking at heart line while show what does the marriage. when comes between the line second finger. No affection line everything you look into the heart line while their approach emotionally to others to affect them. Find the line is goes because the person usually between the person second finger take it. Usually married some much like themselves. They don't look for marriage affection line only. Because it can be if u find original affection line of the person ahead.

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