How To: Read affection lines in palmistry with Peter John

Read affection lines in palmistry with Peter John

This video tutorial is in the Spirituality category which will show you how to read affection lines in palmistry with Peter John. The affection lines are at the edge of the palm under the little finger. These are also referred to as marriage lines. When it curves downwards and crosses the heart line, it implies an emotional upset in the marriage. But, you got to look at the heart line also to determine how the person will feel towards the event. When it curves upwards and crosses the flange of the little finger, it could be divorce due to one or the other being a workaholic. This is of course, very rare. When a line comes from inside the heart line and comes across to the affection line, the marriage results in a divorce due to an affair.

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Sir, how about if an affection line has a light fork end towards the palm?

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