How To: Read the fate line on the hand for palmistry

Read the fate line on the hand for palmistry

Palm reading can be complicated because chirognomy, the study of the mounts of the hand, sometimes contradicts chiromancy, the study of the lines of the hand. For that reason, it's best to do a reading as a whole. In this particular video palmistry tutorial, Peter John explains the significance of the fate line, highlighting the areas on a detailed map of the hand. Watch this instructional palm-reading video and learn how to interpret the meaning behind the fate line.

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This post was very interesting.
how do you interpret the following
a) right palm has not as strong fate line as it has in left palm
b) when fate line bifurcates, one line merges to life line and another leans towards left(not very strong) but continues upward. But, again this fate line is strong from head line to heart line this time leans towards right.
c) if there are two thin vertical lines under the middle finger literally overlapping, but there is little space between them.



this was very informative. I want to know,
a) if a fate line from base of palm stops before head line and simultaneously another fate line from moon mount goes up to saturn mount.

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