How To: Read the intuition and success lines in palm reading

Read the intuition and success lines in palm reading

In this tutorial, we learn how to read the intuition and success lines in palm reading. The affection lines are the lines that go vertically and are underneath your pinkie. The lift line is the line in the middle of your palm the curls to the right. The head line is in the middle of the hand and meets up with the life line, this line shows success in business. It also shows someone that will go into business and tends to take control of businesses. The ring around the pointer finger also shows success in business. Learn the signs for success and you will be able to predict some parts of your life, enjoy!

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Hi ,

I am very confused with few criss cross lines in center of my right palm,I Am unable to figure out what exactly it means???

Also recently got married and shifted to stay with husband but facing lot of turbulance in life, failures, money loss, mental illness, family issues and not able to get job ?? I plan to open something of own in future but now confused whetheisvit right time to start up of your own in business or to keep looking it for job I studied lot of sites but no success none of them were able to answer my question.

I would be thankful of you if you can help me. I am unable to take any decision here's attaching my right hand pic

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