How To: Use spell Florida water

Use spell Florida water

Krazyboytx shows viewers how they can use spell Florida water. You can use Florida Water to cleanse your alter and for your candles. First, you will need a camfur block. Use one of the four pieces of the camphor block and put this piece into a zip-lock bag. Crush this camphor block up into the zip lock bag to get small crystal pieces. Fill up your bowl as much as you can with one block. Next, pour in some of your Florida water up to about it covering the stones. Put this on your alter until it evaporates. You can also rub Florida water behind your neck a little bit to cleanse negativity. You can also rub this on your forearms. You can also cleanse your house with this. First, you need to find some cement around your house and make a circle of the Florida water and set it on fire. This will cleanse the house. First, this will start to pulse and look for spirals and this means your property has been cleansed!

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